The SASBMB Gold and Silver Awards

SASBMB has regularly sought to recognize consistent, outstanding achievements and contributions by its members.

The SASBMB Gold Award

The SASBMB Gold Award is awarded to a senior member of the Society who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of Biochemistry and/or Molecular Biology in Southern Africa and internationally. 

The SASBMB Silver Award

The SASBMB Silver Award is awarded to a younger member of the society  who has displayed a record of national and international research excellence, as evidenced by significant achievement in a number of scholarly ways, and are active participants in SASBMB activities.

Prof Trevor Sewell receiving the SASBMB
Gold Award in 2018 from Prof Peter Meissner
Silver Medal Winner SASBMB 27th Fidele Tugizimana
SASBMB's past president, Prof Abidemi Paul Kappo presented the 2022 SASBMB Gold Medal Award for research excellence to Prof Don Cowan.
Year Gold Award Recipients Silver Award Recipients
1985 Claus von Holt Wouter de Wet
1988 Mervyn C Berman Paul van Helden
1990 Dawie P Botes Ian Dubery
1992 No Gold Awarded Valerie Mizrahi
1994 Wieland Gevers No Silver Awarded
1995 Robert P Millar Nicola Illing
1998 Willem Oelofsen No Silver Awarded
2000 John R Duncan No Silver Awarded
2001 Paul D van Helden Johanna Moolman-Smook
2003 Jan-Hendrik S Hofmeyr Johann Rohwer
2004 M Iqbal Parker No Silver Awarded
2006 Valerie Mizrahi No Silver Awarded
2008 Greg Blatch No Silver Awarded
2010 No Gold Awarded Erick Strauss
2012 Stephanie Burton No Silver Awarded
2016 Ian Dubery Karl Storbeck
2018 Trevor Sewell No Silver Awarded
2022 Don Cowan Fidele Tuqizimana
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