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Prof Iqbal Parker, co-opted member of our SASBMB council and invaluable member of our society has recently been elected as Vice-President of the Governing Council for the Southern Africa Region by the African Academy of Sciences (AAS). This prestigious organisation encourages excellence through fellowships and award schemes thereby shaping Science, Technology & Innovation in Africa. Fellows of the AAS are recognised for their excellence in their field of expertise and have made contributions to the advancement of the field on the African continent.

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Congratulations to Dr Priscilla Masamba who is the first University of Zululand researcher to use the UK’s National Synchrotron Light Source, Diamond!!! Dr Masamba, using the Diamond’s I04-1 beamline remotely from South Africa, solved the partial structure of a protein from Schistosoma mansoni. Access to the synchrotron was made possible by GCRF-START. The collaboration between Prof Abidemi Paul Kappo (SASBMB’s current president), who heads up to Biotechnology & Structural Biology (BSB) Research group in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Zululand and Prof Trevor Sewell (SASBMB Gold award winner), START Principal Investigator of UCT’s Aaron Klug Centre for Imaging & Analysis facilitated Dr Masamba to use the synchrotron. Please read more about Dr Masamba’s wonderful achievement by following the link: